Classy cupcakes

I was recently introduced to these cupcakes by a fellow stylist, and they are so amazing that I thought they deserved a blog.  Made by the lovely Suzi Diamond of Born Again Cupcakes, they are hand-designed and hand-painted to meet your exact specifications. 6

Christmas cupcakes, by Born Again Cupcakes

If you are looking to impress a fashionista or have a difficult client that you’re trying to woo, why not surprise them with some of these sugary treats this Christmas. The stylish fashion branded designs are my favourite (a tiny bite of Chanel? Yes please!) but there are plenty of other options to choose from. 7 8 11 4 3 10

Hand-painted cupcakes, all by Born Again Cupcakes

And as boys like sugar as much as girls, if your fella is into footie you will definitely score top marks by ordering this full box of 12. Just be sure to get the right team… no-one wants to see their enemy, even if they are topped with buttercream. 9

One for the boys! Football team, by Born Again Cupcakes

For more information on prices and to place orders go to:

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