The ultimate black leather biker jacket

For her recent birthday my little sister asked for a black leather jacket. My mum immediately declared that she had an authentic biker jacket in the attic (from her succinct motorbike/Hell’s Angels phase) but I advised that whilst perfect for actual riding, this would be far too cumbersome to wear on a day-to-day basis. So instead I offered to do some online research for the ultimate black leather jacket. Most people dream of the perfect wear-with-anything biker jacket and once you have this piece in your wardrobe I am assured that you will wear little else. Whether thrown over a pretty dress, or added to skinny jeans and a tee, a classic biker adds a dash of Kate Moss magic to a look. I would like to add that I do not say this from personal experience. I myself have never been able to pull off a leather jacket, particularly a black one, and look far more bad Brando than rock chick Chrissy Hynde whenever I have attempted the look.

Kate Moss leather jacket Image - Dave Bennett

Kate Moss leather jacket

Kate Moss is famous for topping her outfits with a black biker (Top image by: Dave Bennett)

Whilst we all dream of having the funds to buy a buttersoft piece from Balmain, Alexander Wang or Isabel Marant, my budget on this occasion was set at around £100. Starting out, my only real criteria was that it was 100% leather (no plastic PV or pleather) and that it had interesting detailing and a good silhouette. Whilst my search is by no means exhaustive, I think it may be very helpful for anyone also looking for a well-priced leather jacket this autumn. Also, unless you object for ethical reasons, do ensure that it is 100% real leather. Although this means the price is higher, the fabric will wear well and last far longer than any cheaper imitation. All the below are 100% leather versions. I have also included some with a higher price point in case your budget is bigger. Here we go…

Biker # 1 – Zara £89.99 (Sizes XS – L) Zara £89.99 - Image 1 Zara £89.99 - Image 2 Zara £89.99 - Image 3

Biker # 2 – Zara £99.99 (Sizes XS – XL) Zara £99.99 - Image 1 Zara £99.99 - Image 2

Biker # 3 – ASOS £100 (Sizes 4-18) ASOS £100 - Image 2 ASOS £100 - Image 1 ASOS £100 - Image 3

Biker # 4 – Mango £119.99 (Sizes XS – XL) Mango 2 £119.99 - Image 2 Mango 2 £119.99 - Image 3 Mango 2 £119.99 - Image 4

Biker # 5 – Mango £119.99 (Sizes XS – XL) Mango £119.99 - Image 1 Mango £119.99 - Image 2 Mango £119.99 - Image 3

Biker # 6 – Oasis £158 (Sizes XS – L) Oasis £158 - Image 1 Oasis £158 - Image 2 Oasis £158 - Image 3

Biker # 7 – Warehouse Alexa £180 (Sizes 6-18) Warehouse £180 - Image 1 Warehouse £180 - Image 2 Warehouse £180 - Image 3

Biker # 8 – Whistles cropped Cara £295 (Sizes 4-16) Whistles Cara cropped £295 - Image 1 Whistles Cara cropped £295 - Image 2 Whistles Cara cropped £295 - Image 3

Biker # 9 – All Saints Dare with removable collar £358 (Sizes 2-14) All Saints £358 - Image 1 All Saints £358 - Image 2

Biker # 10 – A curveball in pale pink suede from Dorothy Perkins £120 (Sizes 6-20) Dorothy Perkins £120 - Image 2 Dorothy Perkins £120 - Image 3

And in case you wanted to know which jacket was eventually chosen and subsequently bought it was the ASOS Ultimate Biker Jacket at £100. I have been informed that the present was ‘a definite hit with the birthday girl, particularly the detailing on the arms’. These words come straight from the horse’s mouth. It also smelt amazing. Happy shopping!

Only the Brave

On Friday I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing (albeit succinctly) Lady Gaga’s talented ex-stylist Nicola Formichetti – he of the controversial meat dress and armadillo shoe fame.  Fresh from a week of promo that included the Diesel Tribute launch party in New York and an event in Japan, it’s fair to say that he was suffering from both jet-lag & fatigue.  However, despite partying the previous eve at the London launch at Hoxton Gallery, he still managed to exude warmth, charm and a near endless enthusiasm for fashion.


This month sees the launch of his first collection as Creative Director at Diesel. With his Italian-Japanese heritage, love of street-style and propensity for controversy this is a fine fit for the brand.  And with his legion of loyal Twitter fans, Formichetti brings a wealth of new customers to the label that once ruled the denim world.  This first collection made up of 22 pieces, all referenced from Diesel’s previously untapped 35-year archive.  Naturally, aside from some printed tees denim rules, with the stylist-turned-designer applying studding and biker badges to sleeveless jackets, high tops and shirts.

Stylitz Diesel TRIBUTE VEST


 Stylitz Diesel TRIBUTE BAG

The Diesel Tribute sleeveless jacket, shorts and tote – Formichetti’s favourite piece in the collection

When I asked about his favourite piece Nicola championed the tote bag. ‘I took the idea from the back of the vest (sleeveless jacket) and replicated it onto the bag so it looks like you’re carrying a jacket. It’s cool. When you see a tote it’s usually a cute pretty thing, very girly, but this is quite tough. It’s unisex, boys can wear it and girls can wear it.’ Indeed the collection is far from girly, channelling more of a rebellious biker chick aesthetic, a theme that is even more evident in the ad campaign, which features self-sourced heavily tattooed and pierced models.

Stylitz Diesel - CAMPAIGN 2


A few of the campaign images, shot by Nick Knight, and featuring a selection of models that ‘represent the fearless Diesel spirit’

Describing the difference between Diesel and his previous appointment as creative director at fashion house Mugler, he says ‘At Mugler we had two head designers that had a much more important role. With Diesel I’m directing it, but with a great big team. That’s the difference. The Diesel atelier is massive, we have a whole floor dedicated to denim, and scientists working on new treatments all the time.  It’s incredible to work like that. The possibilities are endless.’

 Stylitz Diesel 4 crop

Stylitz Diesel 7 crop

Stylitz Diesel 5 crop mens

Stylitz Diesel 13 crop

Stylitz Diesel 10 crop

Stylitz Diesel 11 crop

Images of the Diesel Tribute range taken at the in-store event, featuring studding, biker badges and colourful buttons

Formichetti is a champion of new media, saying that ‘young digital bloggers are the future; they’re going to take over the world. I love when new things happen. It’s shifting and we’re changing.’  A fact further supported by the campaign, which was shot entirely on an iPhone by renowned photographer Nick Knight. Formichetti gets very animated when discussing the speedy delivery of the campaign. ‘Sometimes you can do this spontaneous thing (sic), going directly to the consumer, not showing the product to the press 6 months before. It’s super quick, going straight to the digital world. And it’s exciting’ he says, before adding of the industry’s predisposition to work 6 months ahead. ‘I think if you keep trying we’ll get to a point where we can do something bigger and new for the fashion system. I don’t know what’s happening anymore, what season or what month we’re in. This has to change, don’t you think?

Stylitz Diesel 1 crop

 Stylitz Diesel 6 crop

Stylitz Diesel IMG_1021

Printed tees and digital moving images

Whilst this is an idea that has also been explored by Burberry (customers can order the next season Prorsum collection straight from the catwalk), I can’t see the whole of the fashion industry following suit.  Despite the instant appeal of new media, the major monthly titles as well as the dominant department stores need the 6 month lead time to place orders and create editorial content in time for the fashion season.  With Diesel, where seasons are less crucial, the concept is more of a reality.  And with his endless energy and thousands of Formichetti fans, this is just what Diesel needs to return to its position as pioneer of the denim industry.

Diesel Tribute is available now at selected stores. For more info head to The campaign (shot by Nick Knight) can be viewed on specific social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, as well as digital installations in key stores.

Main image- the Diesel Tribute collection as it appears at the Covent Garden store.