Alexander Wang x H&M preview event

So it’s finally here! The hotly anticipated and much awaited Alexander Wang x H&M collection hits stores and online today. I had the privilege of being invited to last night’s pre-shopping event at the London Regent Street store and man was it crazy. Imagine a Louboutin sample sale with 90% discounts, then multiply that by 1000 fashionistas and you may be somewhere in the region of what I experienced. The collection was conveniently located in a central cage, which we were corralled through at an alarming rate by those desperate to grab a piece of the Wang action.

AlexanderWangxH&M 10

AlexanderWangxH&M 7

AlexanderWangxH&M 13

The London pre-shopping event complete with DJ and copious crowds

Bodycon dresses were like gold-dust and the already ubiquitous Wang emblazoned sweaters barely stayed on the rails. Luckily the blessed H&M staff were on hand to replenish stock as quickly as they could. Sizes come up quite snug (with the fitted pieces) so bear that in mind when bidding today. My stand out items were the blue trimmed bodycon dress, the oversize hooded parka and, if your abs can take it, the fab crop tops. And don’t forget to check out the accessories including the gorgeous leather backpack. Was it worth it you ask? Well I may have come away a little battered and bruised but the brilliant man-sized shopping bag and free ‘Team Wang’ airtex vest more than made up for it.

AlexanderWangxH&M 6

AlexanderWangxH&M 5

AlexanderWangxH&M 12

Crop tops, £29.98 each

AlexanderWangxH&M 2

Hooded parka, £149.99

AlexanderWangxH&M dress

Figure-fit dress, £59.99

AlexanderWangxH&M 9

Crop top, £29.98

AlexanderWangxH&M backpack

Leather backpack, £129.99

AlexanderWangxH&M socks

Overknee socks, £12.99

AlexanderWangxH&M 8

Stylish black on black branding


Me with my shopping bag

Ellie Goulding in AlexanderWangxH&M

Ellie Goulding also attended the event. Here she is sporting the parka (Image: Ellie Goulding Instagram)

Alexander Wang x H&M launches today (Thursday 6th November) 

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