Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

So apparently it’s Christmas soon. Or so I have been told by my housemates, TV advertising, magazines and every shop I have entered since ooh mid-November. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Christmas, but I tend to get excited around the 20th December* rather than a month before. Being a super organised stylist, I have nearly purchased all my presents (technically that is pretty festive) but I could take or leave mince pies and mulled wine (full of cloves-yuk!) and if you buy your tree too early it will be bare by the time Santa comes to visit.

Liberty Gold Glitter Cut-Out Pear Decoration £2.95

Gold Glitter Cut-Out Pear Decoration £2.95

But before you call me Scrooge and banish me to the North pole, I was recently introduced to the ultimate Christmas decorations, courtesy of the fabulous department store Liberty, & I may have been converted. Their delicate glittery glass baubles and cute felt decorations are so chic it almost pains me to put them on a tree. And with prices starting at a very reasonable £2.95, these won’t break the bank either.

Liberty Turquoise Antique Effect Beaded Bauble £7.95

Turquoise Antique Effect Beaded Bauble £7.95

Liberty Beaded Jewel Peacock Bauble £4.95

Beaded Jewel Peacock Bauble £4.95

Liberty Silver grooved onion bauble £6.95

Silver grooved onion bauble £6.95

Liberty Silver Glitter Tree Bauble £3.95

Silver Glitter Tree Bauble £3.95

Liberty Gold Glitter Bauble £2.95

Gold Glitter Bauble £2.95

Liberty Gold Antique-Effect Glitter Paisley Bauble £3.95

Gold Antique-Effect Glitter Paisley Bauble £3.95

For all those who are planning to dress their tree this weekend (this one’s for you Paola, Holly and Tash), they do a next day delivery service for £10 and offer free Standard UK delivery if you spend over £150. That is quite a lot of baubles, but hey, if you’re going to do it you may as well bring out the big guns.  So for all you Christmas lovers, good luck with the tree dressing this weekend and try not to argue over the tinsel.

Liberty Glitter Cut-Out Deer Glass Bauble £3.95

Glitter Cut-Out Deer Glass Bauble £3.95

Liberty Mint Green Holly Bauble £3.95

Mint Green Holly Bauble £3.95

Liberty White Frosted Snowflake £2.95

White Frosted Snowflake £2.95

Liberty Red Robin Felt Decoration £3.95

Red Robin Felt Decoration £3.95

Liberty Christmas Pudding Felt Bauble £6.95

Christmas Pudding Felt Bauble £6.95

*I blame my parents who always left it until the weekend before Xmas to put up the tree, and tended to buy a huge 8 ft one that took about 4 hours to dress. We also added everything, including real apples(!), chocolates, stars, baubles, mini presents, little felt Santas and lametta (also known as angel hair – the Polish equivalent of tinsel).  It was pretty awesome!

To purchase these gorgeous baubles head to

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