Hitchcock heroines

Today sees the opening of ‘I Only Want You to Love Me’, a retrospective of the work of London born fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. Launched to coincide with the book of the same name, the exhibition highlights Aldridge’s bold use of colour and glossy yet dark images of women. Part Hitchcock heroine, part airbrushed Vogue model, Aldridge references both cinema and photography, citing film director David Lynch and fashion photographer Richard Avedon as influences.

I am a huge fan of these surreal, almost plastic looking shots, and the large scale on display is an assault on the senses. Aldridge’s female models – and he only really shoots women – often appear troubled, vacant or distressed, and there is a clear cynicism towards the perfect Stepford wife imagery that dominates advertising. This he feels, is something most people can connect with – “I think that’s why my work is collected and enjoyed,” he said. “It’s not black and white though – we don’t exist within an evil empire. It’s complicated. The world is a strange and troubling place and we live in the middle of it.” Stunning, glossy images that belie a deeper, darker message, this is thought-provoking fashion photography at its best.


Miles Aldridge – The Rooms, 2011

Miles-Aldridge4 - Chromo Thriller 2012

Miles Aldridge – Chromo Thriller, 2012

Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You to Love me runs from 10th July – 29th September 2013 at Somerset House

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