Pastel palette

It’s not often that I partake in a nail trend (my grooming routine is particularly low maintenance), but as the sun is planning to show it’s beautiful face this weekend I am going to share my current obsession – pastel nails. Chalky hues are a big trend for Spring 2013 – on one occasion I noted a game of nail varnish snap with two rocking fashionistas both touting a very chic baby blue.

Part 80s Miami beach, part fun-time Barbie this trend can be both pretty and punky. Initiated by 2009’s obsession with the now famous Chanel Jade green, the trend has since spread across the pastel colour spectrum to include lemon yellow, powder pink, sky blue and my current fave-lavender. If you’re usual go-to is red or coral, then give it a try. Like a sugar rush for your nails, you’ll be converted to these candy colours in minutes.

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