Boys in blue

Well, what a weekend! If you are British (or better still Scottish) chances are you were glued to your TV set yesterday afternoon from say 2-5:30pm. Even if you’re not a huge tennis fan, Murray mania was enough to get every Brit cheering (whilst sipping their Pimms in the sunshine obviously).

Whilst we were firmly glued to the game, there may have been a little something in the audience that caught our eye. I am of course referring to the bromance in blue that was Gerard Butler & Bradley Cooper, looking super slick in their Sunday best. And it seems the celebs pulled out all the stops to look dapper at Wimbledon. Also spotted were Wayne Rooney & Coleen looking positively regal & British queen of posh VB put in a sophisticated appearance. Girlfriend of the man-of-the-moment, Kim Sears looked delightful in a mint green crochet dress by the aforementioned Victoria Beckham. Whilst at Friday’s Murray semi-final Amir Khan was seen sporting a fetching Gatsby inspired pink suit – very SS14. Here’s a little medley of some of the outfits on show. I think perhaps the boys aced the girls on this occasion. Pun intended.


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